Clearance Bundle of 6 Stacking Baskets, Dividers & Plinths (475mm)

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475mm Stacking Basket Bundle

Our range of stacking baskets is designed with retail and shop use in mind. These can be used as freestanding baskets or on counters. These are a fantastic display solution and great for displaying products as well as storing items such as crisps and large or awkward goods.

The complete stacking set comes with 1 x 475-500 basket and 5 x 475-450 baskets  that can be combined to create 2 complete units.

These also come with 6 dividers to create compartments if required, and 2 mobile plinth castor sets, which will allow you to move and transport the units easily. The set also includes 6 data strips allowing you to label the different baskets.

The baskets are all 475mm wide with one basket being 500mm deep (best used as a base unit) and the other five baskets being 450mm deep (images showing a range of different depths are for display purposes)

The Plinth will take a maximum weight capacity of 160kg.

Product Specification

475-450 Basket Size Approx:  475mm wide x 450mm deep x 300mm high

475-500 Basket Size Approx:  475mm wide x 500mm deep x 300mm high

Finish: Bright Zinc Plate Finish

The set includes;

  • 5 x SB475 - 450 Stacking Display Basket
  • 1 x SB475 - 500 Stacking Display Basket
  • 1 x 50-30 dividers to fit the baskets
  • 5 x 45-30 dividers to fit the baskets
  • 2 x SB P1 Castor Set
  • 6 x 450 data strips.

Weight Capacity: 160kg.