Sliding Van Panel

£281.65 ex vat
(£337.98 inc vat)

Top quality UK manufacture, this sliding panel kit will transform life in your van!

Available in 2 sizes, the panel has a small lever which is pulled to release the panel and allow it to slide forward on rails allowing access from outside the vehicle. A special basket is available at 24" wide.

The panel shown is 24" x 48".  The panels can be either louvered to take parts bins, or have bars so that the tilt bins can be mounted on (see the 4th photo which is half louvre and half to take tilt bins).  They are sold as right or left hand sets so that they slide in the correct direction.  This is as you stand at the back of the vehicle facing the steering wheel. The main picture shows a left hand unit.  We realise there are a lot of options so please feel free to call us for advice if you are unsure 01430 410450! 

Bins are not included in the price of the panel and are available separatelyBuy parts bins and tilt bins here.