Van Storage Shelving

£47.90 ex vat
(£57.48 inc vat)

A fantastic new system designed specifically for use in vans!

The shelves have a 60mm lip to all 4 sides to stop items falling off in transit. Each bay is made up of 2 frames and the quantity of shelf levels required.  A run of more than one bay shares a central upright, for instance:
1 Bay = 2 frames
2 Bay run = 3 frames
3 Bay run = 4 frames

The frame heights available are:

The shelves are either 800mm, 1000mm or 1200mm wide and either 300mm or 450mm deep. They can sit level, or be angled down.  The uprights have a 2" hole spacing pitch.

Bins are not included but can be ordered separately;
Buy cardboard bins to suit here, either 300mm or 450mm deep depending on the depth of the shelving.

Special bay sizes can be designed for your van, please call us with your requirement 01430 410450.