Marl International (Mezz Floor & Steel Partitioning)

Marl International approached Filplastic to quote for supplying a mezzanine floor to go over their new machinery. The plan being  that once installed, the office staff would relocate to the area above the machinery, so the space was not lost. Marl International is a leading supplier of LED products & systems.

Chris Wallbank from Filplastic visited site twice, and provided a drawing and quotation that was acceptable to Nathan Orton & Phil Elison of Marl. Filplastic were delighted to be given the contract above the competition.

The installation had to be carefully managed, as there was electrical work being undertaken for the new machinery at the same time as Filplastic was installing the floor. Everything progressed smoothly, with both parties working together to meet the required installation deadline.  Filplastic also designed & supplied double skin steel partitioning, which Marl installed themselves. They also installed their own LED lighting into the ceiling grid of the mezzanine floor.  The installation took place in September 2014. Visit Marl International

Goods supplied; Mezzanine Floor, Steel Partitioning

Marl International images: