Galvanised Pallet Racking: The Tough Choice for Tough Environments

Galvanised Pallet Racking: The Tough Choice for Tough Environments

Galvanised pallet racking provides a robust storage solution and offers several advantages over painted racking, making it the ideal choice for specific storage needs such as for use externally or commercial environments where durability is key.

Built to Last: The Power of Galvanization

The key feature of galvanized pallet racking is its galvanised steel construction. The galvanization process involves applying a zinc coating to the steel, which offers superior protection against rust and corrosion. This makes galvanised racking perfect for withstanding the harsh elements, such as rain, snow, and UV rays as well as chemicals.

Here's why galvanisation makes a difference:

  • Enhanced Durability: The zinc coating acts as a barrier, shielding the steel from moisture and oxygen, the main culprits behind rust. This significantly extends the lifespan of the racking system, ensuring a return on investment for years to come.
  • Versatility: Galvanised racking is much more suited for outdoor use than painted or powder-coated racking providing more protection as it is more suited for harsh environments and more resistant to rust

Beyond Durability: The Advantages of Galvanized Racking

While weatherproofing is a major benefit, galvanized racking offers other advantages:

  • Adaptability: Just like painted systems, galvanised racking is available in a modular format, allowing for customization to fit your specific storage requirements. You can adjust shelf heights, bay widths, and depths to optimize your storage space.
  • Maintenance: Galvanised pallet racking is a low maintenance system in comparison to painted systems. However, regular racking inspections should always be conducted to ensure it is in safe working order.

Choosing the Right Galvanised Racking System

When selecting galvanised racking, consider these factors:

  • Weight Capacity: Determine the weight you need each shelf level to support.
  • Storage Needs: Think about the size and type of pallets you'll be storing.
  • Environmental Conditions: Consider factors like temperature, humidity, and exposure to the elements.


Galvanised pallet racking provides a dependable and long-lasting storage solution for warehouses and facilities that demand extra toughness. With its superior resistance to corrosion and adaptable design, galvanised racking is an investment that will maximize your storage efficiency for years to come.

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