Sustainability the key to help client re-utilise existing racking

Sustainability the key to help client re-utilise existing racking


 Our client is a leading utility solutions provider serving the electricity, gas, water, telecoms, Local Authority and commercial sectors in London, the Home Counties and the South East. 

Our customer approached us to help them maximise their storage capacity. Currently implementing a 5m pallet racking system in their yard, they were unable to access most of the higher shelf levels which left them unused with much needed additional storage space required. 

 5m pallet racking


The customer had highlighted their requirements for additional storage and enquired whether we could cut down 21 of the current 5m bays and re-utilise the redundant components to produce extra bays. 



Following discussions with the manufacturer regarding the required bracing pattern and suitable frame cutting process, we cut down the 5m racking and reutilised the spare components to create 36 bays in total. This also included adding new feet, bracings, decking beams and fixtures to ensure safe installation and repurposing of the otherwise redundant racking. This proved to be a cost-effective and sustainable solution preventing both waste and the cost of having to purchase additional racking to make up for the lost pallet space.  

 Pallet racking run


Installation Process 

After numerous visits to site to ascertain the clients requirements by our Regional Account Manager Kevin Shindler, the project took 2 days to complete with very limited disruption to the clients operational activity. Any disruption was kept to a minimum by modifying the racking in stages which enabled stock to be moved into the new bays quickly once completed. Our Projects team also ensured any additional components were on site to prevent any delays. Kevin, was also on hand and visited during the installation to keep the client briefed and to ensure the quality of service. 

 galvanised pallet racking


Kevin, who oversaw the project, commented “This was a unique job in the fact that we had to repurpose the existing pallet racking by accurately cutting down and re-bracing the existing frames to the manufacturers specifications to provide the customer with a safe and cost-effective storage solution. 

“I am particularly proud that we have been able to reduce wastage and provide a sustainable option for the client. Hopefully more companies will investigate this option to see if they can repurpose their existing equipment to match changes in their operational procedures. Reducing waste, whilst providing the customer with a more cost-effective solution, is a win-win in my books. 

“The client has since used our services again where we have provided additional pallet racking at one of their other sites, and we hope to build on this strong relationship with them in future  and wish them all the very best with their revamped storage space.” 

 galvanised pallet racking




All work was undertaken by competent SEIRS registered installation teams and overseen by a SARI racking inspector. We strongly advise against modifying any pallet racking installation without the input of the manufacturers and their suppliers.  Please contact us 01430 410 450 or at if we can assist you with any storage or racking issues.