Worrying Safety Issues with Repaired Pallet Racking

  • Do you have any pallet racking that needs repair?
  • Have you had any uprights repaired recently?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, then please read the advice given below by  SDG/SEMA:

"SDG Chairman, Jonathan Bennett, has urged SDG members to join the SEMA campaign alerting customers about potential dangers in a particular type of rack repair.

The association has raised serious concerns over a method of rack repairs that straightens damaged uprights using a jig and a hydraulic ram without offloading pallets before undertaking the repair.

SEMA’s Technical Committee believes that this method of repairing adjustable pallet racking could be extremely dangerous and flies in the face of health and safety best practice enshrined in the HSE’s guideline on Warehousing and Storage, HSG 76.

The association states that any racking modified in this manner and its safety will not be underwritten by any SEMA rack manufacturer whose products are modified in this manner.