Benefits of a Tidy Work Van, Van Storage Solutions, Filstorage

Benefits of a Tidy Work Van

It doesn’t matter what trade you work in, having a tidy work van comes with a huge number of benefits. Whether it’s to enhance your business appearance, save you money, maximise efficiency or just to reduce daily frustration, there are endless reasons to ensure your van is tidy and, with our van storage solutions, we can help with just that!

Van Storage to Save Time & Maximise Efficiency

When it comes to a trade van, it can become extremely easy to allow mess and clutter to build up. Over time, you’ll drop and misplace parts all the time and, for a busy tradesperson, it’s often a ‘I’ll sort that later’ job that doesn’t always get sorted. By having efficient storage systems in place, you will be able to keep everything in your van in place. You’ll know where everything is, when you need it.

Saving You Money

With effective van storage solutions, you’re able to keep a constant and up to date check on stock levels. Van storage solutions also allow you to keep stock in a specific place so you don't lose parts you may need. By keeping stock in a place where you know and keeping up to date with stock levels, not only will you be more efficient on the job, you may find yourself ordering less unneeded items. Saving you a fair bit of money over the course of the year.

Representing Your Business

The first impression and first appearance a client gets of your business could be the deciding factor on whether or not they want to use your service or go elsewhere. If you turn up to a job, and the first thing the client sees is a cluttered and disorganised van, it doesn’t give you as a business and service provider the best first professional impression. However, if you have a van that is organised and tidy, you will come across much more professional and are more likely to keep current customers and get recommended to new customers.

Types of Van Storage Solutions

Here at Filstorage, we offer a range of different types of van storage solutions that can be utilised by you and your business. All of our van storage solutions are designed and manufactured to make the absolute most out of your van, our range includes:

  • Tilt bins 
  • Racking and drawer units 
  • Tool storage
  • Storage boxes 

For the best quality storage solutions, check out our website or contact a member of our team who will be happy to assist!