Garage Storage Systems by Filstorage

Garage Storage Systems by Filstorage

There are no specific rules as to what you can keep in a garage and often they’re full of all sorts of bits and pieces. Whether that’s summer essentials, Christmas decorations, tools, car cleaning supplies, a garage is a hub for clutter. A garage storage system, including garage storage boxes, is one way that you can organise your garage space and make it more practical.


Garage Storage Boxes for Cleaning Supplies

One thing that many people don’t consider when they are storing cleaning supplies in their garage is that they contain some really harsh chemicals that can destroy the container if they get into contact with it. 

Clear Plastic Storage Box Organisers comes in two sizes and are resistant to most industrial solvents. The containers are also divided into sections making the storing of different cleaning supplies more efficient; you can have one section for car cleaning things, one for garden feeder and other garden liquids, and one for general cleaning items. 


Garage Storage Boxes for Seasonal Items

When creating a garage storage system, it’s a good idea to organise the space by seasons. A garage cupboard is a great way to do this. Depending on the size of your garage, you can use one or two to store seasonal essentials. 

For example, you could use the top of the garage cupboard for your summer essentials including a paddling pool, water guns, buckets and spades, and the bottom for your boxes of Christmas decorations, wellington boots etc. 

There are no specific rules when it comes to organising your garage space and creating a garage storage system but making things as accessible and as organised as possible by categorising them is a great place to start. 

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