How to Maximise Your Workshop Space

How to Maximise Your Workshop Space

Organising your workshop space with storage allows for better time management, productivity and efficiency when working on and planning projects. Maximising both the wall and floor space ensures that you can maximise your space and utilise the whole workshop.

Maximising Wall Space

With a lot of the floor space potentially covered in large tools, the walls of your workshop are the ideal place to maximise your space. One of the simplest ways to maximise wall space is by using a Louvre Backplate, landscape or portrait, to attach parts bins. This allows you to store parts on the wall neatly, if your tool storage cabinet is completely utilised.

Similarly, if your tool cabinet is full, you can relieve some space by using a Tool Storage Board Panel Organiser Pegboard or a Tool Holder Rack Organiser. This allows your tools to be on-hand, easily accessible and remain organised. 


Maximising Floor Space

Alternatively, if you have some floor space available in your workshop, you might want to consider utilising this instead of, or as well as, wall space. 

Similar to the wall space maximisation options listed above, freestanding Louvre Panel Rack are an excellent option for attaching plastic storage boxes and part bins in a variety of sizes. — whether you have the room for a Mobile Double-Sided Louvre Panel, Double-Sided Louvre Panel Rack, or a Single-Sided Louvre Panel Rack


A comparable alternative to this is a Tilt Bin Stand with Base. As the plastic storage box compartments are enclosed, unlike a Louvre Panel Rack, tools and parts remain cleaner, which is particularly useful if you produce a lot of dust or sawdust in your Workshop. 

However, if you have larger items that are not frequently utilised and are taking up valuable workshop space, Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Boxes are extremely beneficial. As they are heavy duty, the ability to stack them on top of each other is possible to save valuable floor space and minimise trip hazards. 

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