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Making the Most Out of Your Workshop Storage

It’s common for workshops to feel cluttered and disorganised, which can easily damage your productivity or work output, nevermind the safety risk. Making sure your workshop space is tidy is essential if you want to have a safe, productive and effective place to work. Here at Filstorage, we have a huge range of workshop storage solutions including workshop storage bins, workshop storage boxes, workshop cupboards and workshop compartment organisers.

Workshop Storage Bins 

Our range of storage bins are available in a number of sizes and styles, all at affordable prices. Workshop storage bins are typically used within a workshop to help store and organise smaller parts like screws, products, nails and pipes etc and provide a way to easily access parts, without having to dig around for them. You can also use our larger bins to hold various tools and equipment.

Workshop storage bins are a great consideration to help organise your workshop as they can easily be placed out of the way - either on the wall and under workbenches for example. By investing in workshop storage bins, you’ll be able to get rid of all of the loose bits and bobs you usually find (and lose) around your workshop, keeping an organised, tidy and safe environment for you to work in. 

We stock over 50,000 workshop storage bins, all at great prices with an extremely high-quality finish. 

Workshop Storage Boxes

If you’re needing to store items that are more on the large side, our range of heavy duty workshop storage boxes could be perfect. Each of our storage boxes are designed to a commercial and robust standard - we don’t supply low quality & flimsy storage boxes! We stock both stackable and nestable boxes which can be utilised in a range of different ways. 

Storage boxes can be incredibly useful when trying to organise your workshop. Not only are they able to store a lot, you are also able to stack & store them out of the way until you need them. Some of the most popular ways to arrange our storage boxes are under a workbench or stacked in the corner. Both out of the way, however still very easy to access for when you need.

Workshop Cupboards & Shelves

Plastic cupboards and shelves are great for storing larger items that may not fit in a storage box. We’re sure to have the perfect workshop storage solution for you - whether you’re looking for a freestanding full height storage cupboard, a high quality wall cupboard or a heavy-duty steel & plastic shelving unit.

To get your workshop organised, take a look at our full workshop storage solution range online!