Our Guide to the Parts Storage Bin

Our Guide to the Parts Storage Bin

Stuck for storage bins? Our guide to finding the right one and the difference between our ranges.

You just want a simple parts bin, but the wide variety of options and styles is confusing. Check out our quick guide which compares the differences of our ranges and their key benefits. Read below or have a look at the infographic at the bottom for a quick recap.

What is a Parts Storage Bin, what are they used for and what are the benefits?

Plastic storage bins are known by several names such as parts bins, open front bins, small parts storage boxes and more. These are widely utilised for the storage of small parts and widely used in workshops, garages, and general storage in both industry and home storage.

The versatility of the parts storage bin allows for them to be used in just about every industry with a range of different styles, sizes, and features to help suit your requirements. We’ve seen these used for a wide range of purposes including, fixings storage, crafting storage, clothing storage, tool and equipment storage.

 parts storage bin stacking storage parts bins

The benefits of utilising plastic storage bins include:

  • Improve organisation – parts bins can be colour coded, have labels added and get rid of clutter.
  • Improve productivity – improving organisation can also improve productivity. Knowing exactly where your tools, fixings and other essentials allows for decreases time waster searching for key items.
  • Improve stock management – by grouping materials and items together, it is easier to identify when stocks are low and need replenishing.
  • Durable – Our bins are made from high-impact polypropylene providing a tough and long-lasting storage solution
  • Easy to clean/low maintenance – simply wipe clean with a cloth. No need for any additional maintenance.
  • Low cost – Storage Bins are a low-cost solution with prices and can bring cost saving benefits by improving organisation and efficiency.
  • Improve safety - storing items correctly enhances safety. By chucking items without organising increases the risk of items falling, trip hazards and others.
  • Recyclable – the bins can be recycled after use. We also provide bins manufactured from recycled plastic pellets.
  • Versatility – Storage parts bins are incredibly versatile and can be used within just about most industries and for most general storage with a range of sizes available to suit your requirements.

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Filbin Storage Parts Bin

This is our universal storage bin option. The ‘all-rounder’. A robust parts bin which is designed to withstand commercial and industrial environments.

  • Available in 3 colours – blue, red, green
  • Fits onto our louvre panel range allowing you to utilise wall space, use on a freestanding rack or as a mobile trolley unit.
  • Can stack on top of each other allowing you to utilise space by storing upwards. This is great with the larger sized bins and on shelving units.
  • 5 size options to choose from extra small (FB0), small (FB1), medium (FB2), large (FB4) and extra-large (FB5).
  • Notch on from of bins for labelling
  • Feet on the bottom of bins to help prevent slipping on smooth surface
  • Easily wipe clean

 stacking storage eco bins      stacking storage parts bins blue     eco parts bins on louvre panel trolley

 View our range here > https://filstorage.com/collections/parts-bins 

Kaddy Storage Parts Bin

Another universal option. The main differences between the Kaddy Bins and Eco bins are these are not stackable so cannot be stacked on top of each other and the seamless design of the Kaddy Parts Storage Bins. This makes these particularly easy to clean and great for dust-free environments.

  • Fit onto louvre panels
  • Nestable - bins do not stack but can nest inside of each other.
  • 4 size options
  • Extra-wide front for labelling

 Kaddy Parts Storage Bins            kaddy plastic storage bin range

 View our range here > https://filstorage.com/collections/parts-bins 

Union Bin Range

The Union Bin is a freestanding system that comprises a unique interlocking design. These stand out from the rest of our parts bin range and make a great self-supporting system without the need for backplates or shelving units.

  • The bins can be interlinked on 3 sides creating a stable freestanding unit.
  • Bins can be stacked on top of each other
  • 6 size options

interconnecting union plastic storage bins        plastic storage union bins

Shop online here >  https://filstorage.com/collections/union-bins-for-small-parts


Supra Bin Range

Our extra-large storage bin is a heavy-duty solution which is also great for making a freestanding picking wall. The larger size allows a storage solution for larger and more awkward items to be stored.

  • Stack on top of each other.
  • Open front design allows clear access to contents
  • Dividers are also available to create compartments.
  • Choose from Black, Blue, or Red

 supra xl plastic storage bins  supra plastic storage bin

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Folding Bin Range

Completely collapsible storage bin that is supplied in a flat-pack format. Easily assemble to create a durable parts bin to store all your small parts and fixings.

  • Folds down to save space when not in use. No tools required.
  • 2 size options
  • Choose from blue or clear
  • Stack on top of each other

folding parts bin    folding clear plastic parts bin

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Other Storage Bins

We also stock and provide bundles with a wide range of options available. These include:

  • Wall Kits – we supply ready made wall kits. These are made up of a wall panel and storage bins with a range of styles, sizes, and colours to choose from. These are a great way of utilising wall space and simply screw to your surface of choice.

wall kit parts storage bins          louvre panel wall kit with plastic bins

 Shop online here > https://filstorage.com/collections/louvre-back-panels

  • Freestanding Kits – These are made of storage bins and a rack that is designed to provide a freestanding option. We have a range of options including bins on shelving units and desk kits which are designed to sit on a workbench.

steel shelving unit with parts storage bins      freestanding storage bin unit

 Shop online here > https://filstorage.com/collections/shelf-unit-with-bins

  • Shelf Bins – These are specifically designed to sit on shelving, for high density storage of small parts. With a massive range of sizes to choose from and dividers available to make compartments, these also make a great all round storage solution.

shelf bin 3009         Shelf Bin 6025-15

 Shop online here > https://filstorage.com/collections/shelf-bins

  • K-bins – K-Bins are made from corrugated cardboard and provide a simple solution that can be quickly assembled within minutes. There’s a choice of different depths and widths to choose from.


Shop online here > https://filstorage.com/collections/k-bins-for-order-picking


  • Louvre Panels - Our high-quality galvanised steel louvre panels are designed to simply add our parts bins. We supply these with and without bins given you the option to add any of the compatible bins across our range. We supply these as back panels that can be used as wall storage, freestanding panels that will allow you to store bins independently or as a trolley option allowing you to transport your storage bins easily. Our louvre panels are made from high-quality and durable stainless steel.

freestanding louvre panel for parts bins         landscape louvre wall panel with storage bins

 Shop online here > https://filstorage.com/collections/louvre-back-panels

  • Wall Rails – Our wall rail option allows you mount your parts bins easily. These are a great alternative to louvre panels and well suited for those looking to maximise their space. Our louvre panel compatible bins are also suitable for the wall rails.

        wall rail for parts storage bins

  Shop online here > https://filstorage.com/products/universal-steel-rail-for-parts-bins-915mm 

  • Shelf Units – Our range of shelf units are also suitable for storing our parts bins. Buy as a fully supplied bundle or separately to suit your needs.


Shop online here > https://filstorage.com/collections/workshop-racking


Our wide range of different storage bin solutions are designed to help cover the majority of your requirements, with a choice of sizes, styles, purposes and colours to help get you storage sorted. If you’re still unsure of what bin you might require or if you need something that isn’t listen then please just get in touch with our friendly UK customer service team who will be happy to help advise you. Email sales@filstorage.com or call 01430 410 450 (Mon – Fri 8am to 5pm).

 View our range here > https://filstorage.com/collections/parts-bins 

The check list below is a guide to each of our main storage bins main features.

parts storage bin features

our range of storage parts bins

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