Shelf Bin Range: Versatile Storage and Display Solutions

Shelf Bin Range: Versatile Storage and Display Solutions


Our Shelf Bin range offers a flexible and efficient storage solution for a variety of applications. With 17 different bin sizes across four ranges, you can find the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you're organising small parts in a storeroom or displaying products in a showroom, our shelf bins are designed to optimize your space.

Shelf Bin 3024 - Filstorage

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Product Overview

  • 17 bin sizes across 4 ranges
  • Dividers and label packs available for customization
  • Durable polypropylene construction withstands temperatures from -20°C to +80°C
  • Open front design for easy viewing and access
  • Large carry handles for convenient transportation
  • 95mm height (except /15 range) for uniform stacking
  • Customizable with dividers and labels
  • We keep blue in stock (and sometimes grey) but other colours such as grey, red, green, yellow, and black (ESD) are available in larger quantities with an approx. 4 week lead time.

Shelf Bin Labels - Filstorage

Range Details

Our shelf bin ranges are categorized by length and width:

  • 300 range: 300mm long options
  • 400 range: 400mm long options
  • 500 range: 500mm long options
  • 600 range: 600mm long options

The number following the range indicates the bin width in millimeters. For example, a 4012 bin is 400mm long and 120mm wide.

Note: The /15 models in the 400, 500, and 600 ranges are 150mm high, offering a larger storage capacity.


  • Versatile storage: Ideal for small parts, fittings, and product displays
  • Durable construction: Suitable for commercial and industrial environments
  • Easy viewing and access: Open front design for clear visibility
  • Efficient handling: Large carry handles for easy transportation
  • Customisable: Use dividers and labels to organise contents
  • Uniform appearance: Consistent height across most of the range

Choosing the Right Shelf Bin

To maximize space efficiency, we recommend matching the shelf bin range to the shelf size. For example, use 300 range bins on 300mm shelves.

Ordering and Customization

Our standard shelf bin colour is blue, but grey is also often in stock. Other colours (red, green, yellow, and black ESD) are available for larger orders with a lead time of approximately 4 weeks.

We offer bulk discounts for large quantities. Contact us at 01430 410 450 or for a quote.

Why Choose Filstorage?

  • Large stock availability: Most orders shipped within 2-3 working days
  • Competitive pricing: Bulk discounts available
  • Excellent customer service: Over 30 years of experience
  • Free delivery on orders over £200 ex VAT

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