Transform your shed!

Transform your shed!

Note: Prices may have changed since post was published

You often see Blogs and Pinterest posts utilising creative ideas to declutter and enhance your shed storage options. Whilst there are some absolutely fantastic ideas out there, sometimes you just don’t have the time and resources to utilise these projects fully. Therefore, we set up a quick task to see if we could transform this shed...

The shed in its original state (see image below) is probably a familiar site across the country… Cardboard boxes used to ‘store’ small parts (including paint brushes, screws, and spare plug sockets etc.), half empty paint cans dangerously piled up on rotting shelves, garden tools and sprays thrown located all over the floor. Nevermind trying find a packet of nails or the WD40 (don’t even mention getting the lawn mower out!).

 Messy Shed


Phase 1: To start with, the shed was cleared out, empty boxes removed and recycled, garden furniture cushions moved to the garage (although the garden storage box was considered).  The rotting shelves were also removed.

Phase 2: Identify what products would be required (within the agreed budget). The products identified in this case were:

  • Solid 5 tier plastic shelving (25kg per level) - (£18.26 inc VAT) This item was picked because it is a durable unit for general storage. Although larger and more robust items are available, 25kg per level was sufficient enough for this job.
5 tier plastic shelving
  • Solid 4 tier plastic shelving (25kg per level) - (£14.46 inc VAT) A slightly smaller shelving unit with the same 25kg per level weight load. Both units come with latches to interlock them together, meaning you can add multiple units across to create more storage space.
4 tier plastic shelving
  • Stacking Box with Hinged Lid (TECO30) x 3 - (£6.20 inc VAT each) These were picked because they can be stacked and the hinged lid allows easy access. In this instance, they’ve been used to store spare plug sockets, paint rollers, spare handles etc.
Stacking Boxes
  • Large Flat Pack plastic Bins (pk 5) -  (£8.57 inc VAT) Used to store small parts including packs of screws and nails, garden hand tools and various other small parts. These are particularly good because they come flat packed, making them easy to store if they’re not in use.
Flat Pack Parts Bins
Size 3 Budget Bin

    Total: £73.38 (including VAT & Delivery)


    Phase 3: Build the shelving units (approximately 5 minutes per shelving unit), assemble the flat pack plastic bins (available in blue or clear – in this instance we used both to showcase both options) and then load the shelves.

    Finished Project: You can see in the image below the difference made. Yes, the garden furniture cushions have been removed but the gains in floor space are clear to see. Not only can I now get my lawn mower out and easily find garden tools and fixings now. I can now also do so without items falling on me or standing on garden trowels!!

     Organised Shed

    Other Considerations:  Unfortunately (in my case), we decided to work towards a lower end budget so I couldn’t just add product after product. There were also height constraints which ruled out racking and larger shelving units which would be better suited for those with a larger budget or with bigger storage requirements.  Here are the other items I considered:

    • Compartment OrganiserWith a whole range of compartment organisers to choose from including the vision block range (which interlock allowing you to build up the varying sizes available), this would have been great way of organising small parts. The dust resistant organisers also interlock and have a clear plastic cover to keep dust out.
    Compartment Organisers  Dust Resistant Compartment Organiser
    • Tool Box Trolley - The toolbox trolley is a great method for storing and transporting tools. With clip locks on the side, the top half can be removed if required. Wheels on the bottom storage unit also allow for easy manoeuvrability.
    Toolbox Trolley
    • Plastic Cupboards – A wide range of options available suit different requirements. Most units are lockable with a padlock ad a variety of sizes and shapes are available. As mentioned previously the garden storage box in particular would be great for garden furniture cushions.
    Plastic Cupboard Single TierPlastic Cupboard Two Tier
    • Louvre panels with Parts Bins – Again, a variety of options available including both wall mounted and free standing options. Great for the organised individual looking to store small parts.
    Wall Kit with parts binsLouvre panel
    • Budget Basket – The budget basket is the cheapest option of our wire storage basket range and perfect for storing footballs, wellies and other various options. The dump bin is also a cheaper option for those with a smaller storage requirement
    Budget BasketDump Basket

      Notable Products include the Loadhog containers, Euro Stacking containers and the Supra Bins. View our entire small parts storage range for more ideas!  

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