Why Is Shop Shelf Management So Important?, Shop Refits, Shop Shelving

Why Is Shop Shelf Management So Important?

Correctly utilising shop shelving can have a significant impact on the increase of sales, getting it wrong can leave you in the position of seeing potential customers walk out empty-handed. Here at Filstorage, we have experts across the country to provide you with not only the highest quality shop shelving but also expert advice on shop refits and layouts. But why is the correct shop shelving management so important?

The Importance of Shelf Layout & Management 

Utilising the placement of shop shelving is the first step to success. The use of promotional displays, making the store look inviting down to the actual placement of which products appear where is crucial in maximising store and shelf layout. 

Product Placement

The placement of products is one of the biggest considerations when it comes to shelf management. It’s no coincidence that everyday essentials such as bread, milk and toiletries and luxuries like alcohol are placed furthest away in the store - the most common things people originally go in to buy. The whole point of this is to take the customer on a journey throughout the store past every other item to encourage them to purchase items they didn’t initially intend to buy, adding to the average spend per customer. This is just an example in a supermarket store however similar strategies are evident in most consumer stores. 

If a supermarket can use this strategy to get a customer to spend just £3 more per week on their weekly shopping, this equates to an extra £156 per year from just one person alone, that figure multiplied by the number of people entering the store each week will be an enormous profit for any store. 

Space and Store Efficiency 

A shelf management system can be essential and beneficial in saving floor space, especially for smaller stores. Having effective shelving systems in place allows you to sell the products and items you want to sell and also means your store is a safer place for customers — there will be less clutter about and the hazards & risks will be reduced dramatically. 

As well as this, from a store management and employee viewpoint, an effective shelf management system will help with stock and inventory tracking. An effective system will mean that you can track when shelves need restocking and also keep the current stock from being pushed to the back and risk going out of date. The correct shelf type is essential for this. 

Shop Refits & Shelving

It’s clear that having an effective store layout and shelving management system is essential for the success of any store, getting it right can be tricky and often takes some market research and sometimes trial and error. Luckily, the team here at Filstorage are experienced in getting the best results for your shop shelving and shop refits. We specialise in product display and can maximise your selling potential. We have already provided shelves and refits for a range of industries including:

  • Builders merchants
  • Garden centres
  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience stores
  • DIY stores
  • Retail stores

If you require a shop refitting service, we’ve got you. Our team of development managers based around the UK can visit your site and provide a free design & layout service with accompanying CAD drawings, with no obligation to buy. No matter your requirements and no matter your budget, we will design the scheme that best suits your needs and help increase your sales. 

Alternatively, if you’re just in need of shop and retail shelving, we have a varied range to suit many businesses and environments available on our website.