Complete Van Storage Tilt Bin Kit (9 compartments)

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Tilt Bin Van Kit with locking Bars

Help sort your van or workshop out with our ever-popular Van Tilt Bin Range. These are widely used because of their robustness.

- They don't shatter in the cold and can withstand temperatures up to - 40°C.

- The viewbins tilt forward independently (while still secured in the unit), or can be removed altogether if desired. 

- A locking bar is included as standard which can be used to secure all the bins closed if the vehicle is in transit.

- Keyhole slots for easy wall mounting (simply screw them to your surface of choice - these will attach to any wooden surface in a van).  

- Overall unit size approx 600mm wide x 720mm high with 9 compartments of equal size.

The entire range is made up of different size compartment units giving you a selection of options depending on your requirements. You can purchase the tilt bins individually or in kit form (a bundle of sizes) which work out slightly cheaper. 

The Complete Tilt Bin Kit (9 compartments) comes with 9 equally sized compartments and is made up of 3 x Tilt Bin 3's.

Product Specification

This kit is made up of 3 x Tilt Bin 3

Individual Unit Size: 600 x 214 deep x 240mm high

Total Unit height (each individual unit combined together): 600mm wide x 720mm high 

Metal Safety bars for extra security in transit - INCLUDED