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Cantilever Racking

For the horizontal storage of timber, scrap cars, etc.

Leading Supplier of Cantilever Racking

We have been supplying cantilever racking for 3 decades and our experienced team can help tailor a solution for your needs. We can provide advice and assistance with specifications and layout and offer a free CAD design & layout service if required.

Single Racks to Warehouse & Yard Installations at Competitive Prices

We provide cantilever racking for all budgets and requirements. Whether you're looking for an economical option or a full bespoke revamp, we have the capability to assist you optimise your space.

Our installation teams are all SEIRS (Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme) certified and we also have an in house Project Management Team to oversee the process. Our nationwide Development Team are also available to visit your site and discuss your requirements personally to ensure we help achieve your goals.

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Features and Options Available

Cantilever Racking is an adaptable and versatile system for storing long products such as timber, lintels and sheet material. Its design ensures that not only is floor space used to its maximum potential but also that products are stored neatly and safely.

We can provide:

- Single and double sided versions

- Various arm lengths and strengths

- Adjustable & quick release arms

- Painted or galvanised finish

- Weather protection canopies

- Head & tyre guards

- Base rails for shorter item storage

Each rack is manufactured to suit your individual requirements, arm loadings range from 100kg up to 3000kg per arm and columns are available in any height up to 10m.

Galvanised yard cantilever racking

National Coverage

We have Regional Account Managers covering every region of the UK, with over 100 years combined experience in the racking and shelving industry. Our regional consultants are based all over the UK so we are well placed to give a local service nationwide!  

Your local rep will be able to assist and is able to visit your premises in which they will be able to provide a free design & layout service with accompanying CAD drawing, all with no obligation to buy.

Our sales office is open Mon-Fri to deal with any enquiries, and we have an in-house project manager. Whether your budget is £1k or £100k+, we will design the scheme that best suits your needs and helps to increase sales.

Scrap Car Racking

Cantilever Racking is a great way of storing scrap cars. A scrap car rack can increase the space in your yard by 25% by going upwards! For the footprint of 1 car, you can store up to 4 cars high. 

Benefits of Scrap Car Racking

1) Store 2, 3 or 4 cars high
  2) Single or double sided
  3) Free site visit & layout with no obligation to buy
  4) Makes vehicles easier to locate and access
  5) Help avoid accidental damage to the cars
  6) Height adjustable arms

The cars are easily moved via a fork lift truck, and are less likely to suffer damage to the panels or parts once in place. 

SEMA Approved Distributor

The SEMA Distributor Company (SDC) qualification indicates that a company is dedicated to  the supply of quality storage equipment. To become part of the SEMA Distributor Group (SDG) the company must demonstrate a high level of commitment to safety standards, work to industry codes of practice and be regulated by a random audit.

Cutting corners on rack safety could cost you much more in the long run. We strongly advise you use a SEMA approved company for any racking purchases or installations. All of our installation teams are SEIRS (Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme) certified, so you can be assured that you are dealing with a competent company that is regularly audited by an independent and external process.

Cantilever Racking FAQs

What is cantilever racking?

Cantilever racking is a storage solution for long or bulky items. It consists of a metal framework with extending long arms without any shelving, designed to allow easy access for loading with a forklift truck.

What can I store on cantilever racking?

2 typical products stored on cantilever racking are timber and lintels, however it is possible to store any long or bulky items including cars & vans.

Is there a load limit for cantilever racking?

Yes, arm loading weight ranges from 100kg up to 3000kg per arm and columns are available up to 10 metres in height. Each cantilever rack we supply is manufactured to suit your individual requirements.

How to design cantilever racking

We can help you design the perfect solution based on your requirements and the space you have available. We can do a site survey at your premises, discuss options and provide CAD drawings so you can be reassured the solution we provide will be best for your business.

Can you arrange cantilever racking installation?

Yes, all our installers are all SIERS (Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme) certified so you can rest assured your pallet racking will be installed safely, efficiently and at a competitive day rate.

Helpful Tips

- The standard bracing centres for a timber storage rack are between 1200 and 160mm as this side will be suitable for storing packs of timber from 3, long right up to 6m long.

- Use double sided racking wherever space permits as it works out cheaper than 2 single sided runs of the same length.

Specification Guidelines

Timber Rack Specification Guidelines

Column Height: 4800mm

Arms per column: 3 plus base

Arm capacity & length: 1200mm / 1000kg

Column Centres: 1500mm


Lintel Rack Specification Guidelines

Column Height: 4800mm

Arms per column: 5 plus base

Arm capacity & length: 1000mm / 1000kg

Column Centres: 1000mm

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