Four Post Integrated Shelving

Four Post, or Integrated shelving is used in conjunction with standard shop shelving.  The main feature of this type racking is that the area above the shop shelving is not lost, and can be used as storage for stock, or to display heavy or bulky items. The benefits to using this system over traditional shelving alone include:

  • The over bay storage means that the need for "back room" space for storage is greatly reduced
  • It aids stock replenishment as the backup stock is stored directly above
  • It maximises customer impact when well stocked, and gives the appearance of holding vast quantities of stock
  • It enables the display of large items such as white goods, wheelbarrows etc

The racking can be painted any colour to match the company colour scheme.  Choose from either lightweight longspan style shelving, or heavy duty pallet racking which will take up to 2000kg per level.

Please call us today to request more information or a visit 01430 410450.  We will be happy to assist with design and layout and we do not charge for this service. Our team cover the whole of the UK, click here for their direct contact details.

Four Post shelving in a corner:

Four Post to display sanitary ware:

Divider system on Four Post:

Four Post with Vertical Dividers:

Four Post to store & display paint:

Four Post with Glass Doors to display tools: