Scrap Car Racking

Scrap Car Racking

Are you running our of space in your yard? Sick of the cars being damaged? A scrap car rack can increase the space in your yard by 25% by going upwards! For the footprint of 1 car, you can store up to 4 cars high.

  1) Store 2, 3 or 4 cars high
  2) Single or double sided
  3) Free site visit & layout with no obligation to buy
  4) Makes vehicles easier to locate and access
  5) Help avoid accidental damage to the cars
  6) Height adjustable arms

Our team cover the whole of the UK, click here for their direct contact details or fill out the enquiry form below detailing your requirements:

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The cars are easily moved via a fork lift truck, and are less likely to suffer damage to the panels or parts once in place. See the previous installation photos of scrap car racks below: