Brick, Insulation or Timber Stillages

Leading Provider of Stillages at Competitive Prices

Our aim is to help your business run smoother and our stillage solutions are perfect to do just that. Not only will they make your stock easier to transport, but they also keep it safe from damage. No matter what you need to store, we have a solution that will fit your needs.

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Pipe Stillages

Pipes can be very difficult to store once they are loose, and stillages are the ideal solution.  We can offer almost any size stillage to accommodate all lengths of pipe.

The most popular stillage specification is as follows:

Size: 2500mm wide x 1100mm deep x 1125mm high

Cupped feet for stacking, & removable posts for easy access & storage

Delivery cost is dependent upon quantity and location

Slab Pallets

An easy and safe way to transport and store slab packs. Minimise damage to the slabs once the pack is opened. The robust pallet is made from galvanised steel, and is strong enough to withstand handling by fork trucks. 3-5 day delivery. Already thousands in use in UK merchants' yards! 

Insulation Stillages

Insulation Stillages are designed to be transported by a forklift truck to ease the loading and unloading of vehicles. Unload rolls from the lorry directly into the stillage, then transport the stillage via forklift truck into the warehouse saving valuable handling time. The stillages can be stacked 3m high enabling the storage of 90 rolls of insulation in a floor space of just 3120mmx 1220mm. When not in use the stillages can be collapsed to use the minimum amount of storage space. The stillages can be painted in a choice of colours.

Brick Stillages

The main safety and storage feature of the brick stillage is that it prevents bricks from falling to the floor when the banding has been cut, as the loose bricks are safely houses in the enclosed sides. Brick stillages can be picked and transported up by forklift truck for ease of handling. The stillage has a mesh base which is ideal as any excess debris falls through the base and can be easily cleaned. The stillage has 3 removable sides and it can be approached from different angles if required.

Stillage FAQs

What is a stillage?

Stillages are, in most cases, metal frames that use a cage or solid sides to store materials and are used to make transporting and moving goods much easier by enabling large amounts of stock to be moved via a forklift truck.

What can I use a stillage for?

Stillages can be used to store almost anything with some of our most popular uses shown above. Other examples of stillage uses are:

Metal poles


Beer kegs



National Coverage

We can and have supplied to every corner of the UK. We have a team of local account managers who are able to visit your premises and advise you if required. Our Account Managers are also supported by an in-house projects team who will take the troubles and stress out of your planning. We have a partnership approach and will work with you to meet your deadlines and provide as little inconvenience as possible.

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