UPVC Building Plastics Storage

Filplastic have supplied storage solutions to scores of building plastics companies. Many of the products must be stored horizontally to avoid warping & bending. A pigeon hole rack is perfect for this, as long products such as UPVC profiles and guttering pipes can be stored without the risk of the product sagging. The vertical dividers can be moved once in place to create large or small compartments as the stock rotates.

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Storage Solutions (Pigeon Hole Rack, Counter, Baskets, Longspan, Bins & Vertical Rack)

Our pigeon hole racks are cost effective and can be delivered within 2-3 weeks.  They can be quoted to order, so a size and specification to suit individual requirements. Pigeon hole racks can be boarded out on the top level to create a mezzanine floor storage area with a staircase and handrails for access. This also means that the floor space is not "lost" to the rack, and bulky items or pallets can be stored above. Our team cover the whole of the UK, click here for details.

An example quotation for a popular specification is:

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Smaller gutter fittings, screws and fixings can be stored in wire stacking baskets and shelf units with parts bins. Our filplastic baskets are available in two sizes to suit gutter, waste and underground fixings.  The C2DS is our most popular basket, and houses 100mm fittings, as well as most gutter fittings.  The C12 has a smaller mesh size, so is ideal for the waste fittings.  The full range of wire baskets can be viewed here, and the parts bins for nails and screws can be seen here.


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Some plastics can be stored vertically, such as the plastic gutter pipes. Vertical Racking is a simple but effective solution, and can be either single or double sided. The racks are manufactured in 3m modules, with a 3m starter bay, then 3m extension bays. Any length rack can be supplied, as they are all made and painted to order. A feature of vertical racking is that although the "footprint" of the rack is only small, a large amount of stock can be displayed.

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For items which are handled manually, rather than being on pallets, Longspan Racking is the answer. The beam loading is generally less than pallet racking, but heavier duty than standard "bay in a box" shelving. Longspan is great for Velux windows and the racks can be adapted for different types of applications such as door storage. The beams and frames come in a variety of options, and popular decking materials include chipboard and mesh panels.

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Sales Counters can be manufactured to any size and configuration.  The standard counter height is 900mm, and the depth is 600mm.  Features for the counters include till points, entry flaps, cash drawers and cupboard storage. We usually supply counters with a heavy duty marmoleum top, so the surface is not easily damaged. Smaller, more expensive items are often displayed behind the counter.

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