Araven Loop Trolley 100L (5 Colours)

£197.29 ex vat
(£236.75 inc vat)

Our fantastic Shop & Roll 100 Loop Trolley is ideal for when space is at a premium.  It is maneuverable from all 4 sides, thanks to the wrap-around handle and multi-way castors. The gap between the base legs means that access is unhindered from any side.

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ANTI-BACTERIAL HANDLES - Incorporated an innovative treatment in the handles of our Loop Trolleys that guarantees the total (99.99%) elimination  of bacteria, yeasts and moulds, preventing  micro-organisms that are harmful to health from being passed on from one user to another

Compact, strong & fun to use!

The Loop Trolley provides supermarkets with major advantages, as it takes up less space, stacks more easily, involves less noise, and increases customer satisfaction by around 33% thanks to the more comfortable manner of shopping involved.

The new 100-litre Shop & Roll Loop combines the advantages of current baskets and carts: it guarantees full capacity and slips around corridors with ease, besides being extremely compact, lightweight, ergonomic, and manageable. What really sets the Loop Trolley apart from the other carts used in supermarkets is its considerable degree of mobility provided by the perimeter handle, the only such model on the market, enabling it to be handled from any of the four sides and leaving the corners free and the central area open to grab the four sides with one or both hands.

The trolley also takes up 30% less space in the store even though it is the same size (100 litres) as carts used today, and the stacking distance between them is a mere 125 mm.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the size of this product, the loop trolley is usually delivered on a pallet. Please ensure you have the means to remove the pallet from the delivery vehicle before placing an order.

Product Specification

Size: 1010mm overall height

Basket size: 569mm (at widest part) x 585mm long x 502mm high

Colour: Black Basket with choice of colour handle: Black, Yellow, Lime Green, Red & Orange.

BUY 5 OR MORE AND SAVE 10% - Enter LOOP5 at the checkout