OCEANIS Plastic Shopping Trolley Basket 34L (recycled ocean plastic)

recycled plastic
£22.49 ex vat
(£26.99 inc vat)

The Oceanis range of products is for those passionate about the environment and in particular ocean waste. These have been made using recycled marine plastic from discarded ropes and fishing gear. These types of equipment account for 27% of waste that pollutes the seas and one of the most dangerous due to “ghost fishing” as they trap fish and other species, so their reuse is helping to improve the marine ecosystem and reduce waste.

Shop & Roll 34 L, the most revolutionary shopping basket in terms of value and capacity. It helps to make shopping a much easier task. Its excellent ergonomic designgreat mobility, reliable materials, strength, and silent wheels make the whole shopping process a much more satisfying experience. 

Its 34 L capacity is optimal for both shoppers and storekeepers. Ideal for different retail outlets: supermarkets, self-service shops, and convenience stores. Its capacity makes it suitable for a whole range of sectors: food, textile, toys, electronic appliances, general merchandise, sports. These are designed to be used on supermarket and retail outlet floors.

Benefits include:
  • Sturdy construction
  • Reinforced bottom
  • Retractable anti-bacterial handles
  • Stackable, moveable
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet wheel material generates minimal noise while rolling
  • We can customise for large orders

Made of recycled polypropylene, and we give a second life to these fishing nets, avoiding contamination by the emission of toxic gases in the atmosphere. The Oceanis range is only available in aqua green and not any other colours.

A product that will help you lead by example! 

100% recyclable


Product Specification

Size: H 404mm x W 465mm x D 353mm

Capacity: 34L

Colour: Aqua Green

Handle: 2