Grey Large Open Front Stacking Storage Pick Bin Containers

£12.22 ex vat
(£14.66 inc vat)

Our large stacking pick bin containers are both stackable and nestable. These make great picking walls with their open front design - which means that contents are both easily visible and accessible.

The bins stack on top of each other (recommended to stack no higher than 4) which is great for those with limited floor space or for those building pick walls. The bins can also be nested inside of each other when not in use, to save storage space.

There's also a notch on the front allowing you to label each individual bin. 

Product Specification

Height: 395mm

Width: 500mm

Depth: 320mm

Capacity: 50 Litres

Weight Capacity: 15kg

Material: Polypropylene 

Colour: Grey