Euro Stacking Container 43-120

high quality made in GB stackable universal fitting
£6.32 ex vat
(£7.58 inc vat)

The Euro Container 43 is a 400 x 300 footprint container that stacks for easy storage of small parts and is designed for continuous lifelong use. These high-quality and robust container boxes are manufactured in the UK and are temperature resistant from -20°c to +40°C. 

Measuring L400mm x W300 x H120mm, our Euro Container Boxes are great for storing smaller items and have a payload of 25kg and a stacking load of 250kg. Our Euro boxes stack into each other and are compatible with our loadhog dolly platforms

Benefits of our Euro Container 43 range include: 

Lightweight container

The Euro Container is very lightweight & ergonomic for easy operation & manoeuvrability.

Robust ribbed wall design

The ribbed wall design provides maximum rigidity without compromising on the weight of the unit.

Ergonomic handle design

The ergonomic built-in handle is designed for comfort when handling.

Easy removal labeling area

The Euro Container features ribbing texture on the short sides to make removing labels an easy, clean process.

Cross Compatibility

The Euro Container is compatible with various stacking containers on the market

Food Grade Material

Can be manufactured in food-grade polypropylene for storage of food. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. Minimum Order Quantities will apply.  

Embossed Branding

Go that step further with a custom Euro Container 43 and have your logo moulded into the container. (MOQs Apply)

Product Specification 

Material:  High Impact Polypropylene

Temperature Resistance: -20°c to +40°C

Height: 120mm

External (mm) Length x Width: 399 x 299

Internal top (mm) Length x Width: 364 x264

Internal base (mm) Length x Width: 354 x 254

Nesting Pitch (mm): 10

Max Usable Height (mm): 117

Usable Stackable Height (mm): 107

Capacity (Litres): 10.9

Weight (kg): 0.72

Payload (kg): 25

Stacking Load (kg): 250kg

Pallet Type: UK

Quantity on Pallet: 190

Pallet height (m): Max 2.26