Modular Parts Storage Bin Trays

£88.00 ex vat
(£105.60 inc vat)

We stock high-quality and durable plastic parts bins that are designed to withstand commercial and industrial environments.  Our Modular Storage Bin Trays are available in pack quantities and there are 3 sizes to choose from. All 3 sizes are 600mm wide which allows them all to be stacked on top of each other.

Our Storage Bin Trays can be used as a freestanding unit and stacked on top of each other making them great for workbenches and workstations, or they can be wall mounted (fixings not supplied) which makes them great for van storage and general storage where wall space can be utilised. 

Parts Bins range comes with an open front design and is great for storing small parts such as nuts & bolts, screws, buttons & craft materials as well as other bits and bobs! Our Parts Bins can be used in any setting and are widely used in factory & workshop environments, offices, garages/sheds, etc.


Benefits include:

  • Easy to wall mount with pre-drilled holes.
  • Parts Bin Trays can be stacked on top of each other
  • Three sizes to choose from
  • Each compartment has a slot for identification labels (not supplied

Pack Sizes: 

  • Small - 20 Individual Trays
  • Medium -12 Individual Trays
  • Large - 4 Individual Trays

Lead Time is 5-7 working days on this product

Product Specification

Small Bin Tray

Overall Size: 85H x 600W x 130D (mm)

Number of compartments: 5

Compartment Size: 50H x 105W x 75D

Pack Quantity: 20


Medium Bin Tray

Overall Size: 100H x 600W x 165D (mm)

Number of compartments: 5

Compartment Size: 70H x 110W x 110D

Pack Quantity: 12


Large Bin Tray

Overall Size: 160H x 600W x 260D (mm)

Number of compartments: 4

Compartment Size: 140H x 120W x 160D

Pack Quantity: 4


Lead Time is 5-7 working days on this product