Shopping Trolley 80Ltr Shallow (set of 5)

£825.79 ex vat
(£990.95 inc vat)

Set of 5 x 80 Litre (Shallow) Shopping Trolleys.

The 80 Litre Small Shopping Trolley is ideal in small supermarkets, convenience stores, farm shops or even delis. It is a very stable and popular trolley with retailers and customers.

Choose handle colour from drop-down red, dark green or blue.

The shallow basket is popular with many customer types as it avoids
the need for bending and lifting items out of a deep basket.

You can add supermarket trolley locks and we can also brand the handles with your logo.

Delivery is 5-7 working days

Product Specification 
Size: H925mm x L832mm x W570mm overall

Quantity: Set of 5
Capacity: 80 Litres

This trolley comes with a bag hook as standard but no baby seat.