Universal Metal Van Racking & Shelving Storage System

easy self assembly high quality universal fitting
£179.96 ex vat
(£215.95 inc vat)

Our metal van racking system provides a high-quality and efficient storage solution for your van. Our van racking is universal and designed to fit most vans (please check that the specifications fit). Our racking system is also suitable for workshops and general storage if preferred.

Our 116.5cm high van racking solution comes with 3 solid shelf levels, 2 of which can be adjusted (the top shelf must stay in place). This allows you to alter the levels to work for you and potentially allows you to conveniently adjust the shelves to fit over the wheel arch.

Organising your van efficiently can create more storage space and save money by allowing you to spend less time searching for tools, fixings, and materials. This heavy-duty shelving unit allows for safe storage with a front lip preventing items from falling out in transit while also providing easy access with the open front design

These are available in a choice of red or blue, and can be bought individually or as a duo.


Universal - Designed to fit into most van models. Please always check and measure your van space to ensure this will fit (measurements are W115cm x D34.8cm x H116.5cm) 

Easy Installation Our van racking can easily be assembled with the fixings provided and wall brackets so this can be secured to the van lining. 

Lipped Shelving - The shelving has a large retaining lip around the edges to keep contents secure and from falling out when in transit.

Left-hand/right-hand side Fitting - This can fit on either side of your van or unit.


Product Specification

Height: 1165mm
Width: 1150mm including brackets (990mm without)
Depth: 348mm deep
Frames: powder-coated steel
Item Weight: 19.5kg


Please always check the dimensions and specifications beforehand. Remember to also take into consideration the curvature of your van where you intend to secure the racking. Please contact us at 01430 410 450 or sales@filstorage.com if you require any assistance.