X-Large 4 Wheel Plastic Trolley Basket 65L (4 Colours)

£30.10 ex vat
(£36.12 inc vat)

The 65 L. plastic Shopping basket is easy to handle and manoeuvre and can be pushed or pulled with one or both hands for effortless shopping. A wide, flat base provides greater space for groceries and makes it easier for shoppers to organize and arrange their purchases, reducing the risk of items getting broken in the process. 

Greater resistance guarantees greater durability with a fully reinforced handle that makes the entire basket stronger and extends its useful life in stores. These are designed to be used on supermarket and retail outlet floors.

Why choose our 65L plastic shopping trolley baskets:

  • Sturdy construction
  • 2 swivel (to 360°) and 2 fixed wheels
  • Can be stacked up to 9 baskets high (1.5m)
  • 40kg capacity when used on 2 wheels, 50kg capacity on 4 wheels
  • Can be pushed as a 4 wheel, or pulled as a 2 wheel unit
  • Reinforced mesh to base for strength
  • Made as one single piece, making handle construction stronger
  • Can be used by shoppers of all heights
  • Rounded corners, so no sharp edges
  • OCEANIS Basket is partially manufactured from discarded ocean plastic including fishing nets
Product Specification


Height to top of handle: 875mm
Height to top of basket at the highest point: 648mm
Height to top of basket at the lowest point: 515mm
Width at widest point: 390mm 
Depth at widest point: 540mm

Colour: Grey/Red, Lime Green, Blue & Red. NEW Oceanis colour available too

Capacity: 65 litre

Material: Polypropylene

Weight Capacity: 40kg capacity when used on 2 wheels, 50kg capacity on 4 wheels