How to organise your workshop

How to organise your workshop

There’s lots of things to take into consideration when organising your workshop. Whether you’re setting up a new workshop or looking to tidy your existing workshop up, the ethos mainly remains the same.

We’ve set up a number of steps to help you get your workshop and workstation organised which will in turn save you time (and money!). We’ve also got a number of product recommendations to suit all budgets as well some tips to help you optimise your space and increase capacity!

1. Clear the area and measure what space you have. Our first step is pretty logical - this will allow you to plan for what equipment will fit where. You’ll need to take into consideration where you want to place your workbench and perhaps machinery if applicable.

2. Assess your requirements. What do you need to store? Once you’ve measured what free space you have for storage, you need to make a list of what you’re planning to store. What tools do you have, larger tools and materials? And don’t forget all those fixings and small parts!

3. Look at storage solutions! Now you know what space you have and what you need to store, here comes the fun part – choosing your storage equipment!

3a. Shelving & Racking/Wire Storage Baskets

First, it’s best to look at your larger options as they’ll take up most of your floor space so look at whether you require any shelving or racking or perhaps an alternative like our wire storage baskets. These will help you safely store bulkier materials, supplies and tools upwards. The wire storage baskets are also dividable and come with a front lip (also good for storing clothing and ppe). Remember to keep heavier items towards the bottom with your most commonly used items at a level you can reach without having to bend or stretch!

 Wire Storage Baskets

3b. Storage Containers

Now that you’ve planned for your shelving and racking or wire storage baskets (if required), it may be worth looking at whether you require storage boxes and if so what type. These are a great for general storage and ideal for tidying away components, handling and for picking. Ideally you want something robust that’s going to withstand life in a workshop where things may get knocked or dropped so avoid cheap flimsy plastic containers. Do you want something with an open front for easy access and picking? You can even create picking walls if required! Or an open front container with a hinged lid to keep contents clean? Alternatively you may want something for handling and moving contents about like our euro containers or bale arm crates which can be stored on shelving. Alternatively you may want to consider our heavy-duty UK made Loadhog range of attached lid containers. These can be stacked on top of each other or nested inside when not in use. These are particularly popular because of their robustness keeping contents inside secure – these are also great for handling with moulded handles on the side as well as dolly platforms that can be used to make transport easier of heavier contents.

 open front stacking pick bins blue

3c. Tool Storage

The next step would be to look at your tool storage options. Toolboxes are an obvious solution as well as storage boxes for bulkier items. Our mobile tool box units are great for allowing you to move your tools around your workshop and out of your workshop if required. Our Professional tool box organiser in particular covers you for storing bulkier items as well as smaller tools and fixings. However, it’s more than likely that you’ll be using a select amount of tools regularly and we would recommend one of our tool boards or rack organisers. These will allow you to organise and have your tools easily accessible to save you searching around a tool box for your trusty hammer! This also a great way of utilising wasted wall space and help prevent you misplacing and lose tools!

tool board Professional Toolbox

3d. Small Parts Storage and Stores

Nearly there!! Small Parts Storage is one of the most important and overlooked areas in workshops. Organising all your fixings whether that be nuts and bolts, screws, threads etc. can save so much time and also make inventory tracking much easier. We have tonnes of options from parts bins which can be used as a freestanding shelving unit or our complete tilt bin kits if you need to store large quantities (particularly great for stores or those using lots of different fixings and small parts) or a desk rack which are great for use on workstations.

Compartment Organisers are also great for storing lots of multiple fixings and we have a range of sizes and types available to choose from including our Vision Blocks which can be interlinked to make a mega unit or our dust resistant units which have a clear visor to keep contents clean. These again come in a range of drawer options and sizes.

complete tilt bin kit with standsteel shelving unit with binsdesk rack kit

And don’t forget the humble parts bin! These are probably the most popular storage solution in workshops. We have a huge range from stackable units, flat pack and wall mountable bins that can be used with our louvre panels to help you utilise that wasted wall space!

parts bins

Our Shelf Bins are also extremely popular for stores and fixing storages. These are dividable into compartments and available in a wide range of sizes to suit your requirements. The open front design and carry handles make these efficient for easily viewing contents and transporting.

3e. Mobile Units for larger workshops

For larger workshops it may also be worth investing in mobile trolley units if you need to move contents about frequently. A good example may be for mechanics or in garages where you’re constantly moving location or working around an object. We have a range of solutions from our mobile wire storage baskets for larger items or our mobile louvre panel bin kits for moving small parts about the workshop. Our Dolly Platforms are also great for moving storage boxes and other items easily without having to continuously pick up heavy contents.

Dolly platformmobile bin unit

No doubt we’ve missed off something for niche workshops but all of the above will help you organise the bulk of your workshop from large items to tiny screws! If we can offer any advice or help point you in the right direction then please contact us via the live chat, email or by calling 01430 410 450. Otherwise our website is full of workshop storage solutions with most items delivered within 2-3 working days across the UK.

Further tips for organising and maintaining your workshop

• Look at utilising space for storage high and low. Use wasted wall space for storage as well. Our wall kits and tool boards are great for consuming wall space.

Tilt bin 4 louvre panel with bin

• When planning make sure that you ensure your most used tools and fixings are easily accessible.

• Maintain an inventory and make sure that all your units are labelled to make items easier to locate. Most of our items have notches for labelling or space for stickers.

• Categorise your items. It’ll save you time in the long run and make stock tracking easier!

• Keep it clean!!