New Small Shopping Baskets for Makeup, Cosmetics & Accessories

Newly launched in March 2015 are two new members of the J-bag shopping basket family, with prices starting at just £2.64 each.

The new shopping basket sizes are smaller at 4.5 litre and 5.5 litre and are ideal for smaller products such as;

  • Cosmetics
  • Makeup
  • Beauty Products
  • Hair Accessories
  • Jewellery
  • Craft items

The baskets are made from solid plastic, and do not have any holes, so no matter how small or thin the item, it won't fall through.

Choose from a range of 14 colours; black, clear, orange, yellow, fluoro green, green, white, red, lilac, blue, silver/dk grey, light grey, magenta or violet.

Our larger 15 litre J-bag is of course still available.

Prices & Sizes:
4.5 Litre - 270mm wide x 275mm high x 148mm deep. Pack of 10 baskets £26.35 Buy Online

5.5 Litre - 270mm wide x 305mm high x 148mm deep. Pack of 10 baskets £28.25 Buy Online

15 Litre - 455mm wide x 375mm high x 180mm deep. Pack of 10 baskets £39.80 Buy Online

 Printing is available for 25+ units, please call us for a quotation 01430 410450.

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