Choosing the Right Storage Equipment for Your Needs

Choosing the Right Storage Equipment for Your Needs

When it comes to finding the perfect storage solution for you, it’s important to understand your needs. Whether it’s home storage, warehouse storage or business storage, there is a huge variety of solutions that may be beneficial for you. Here at Filstorage, we have a range of solutions to meet and exceed your requirements, we also have experts to advise you on suitable solutions if you’re struggling! 

Home Storage Solutions

Effective home storage solutions are essential in keeping your home and living spaces clutter-free. Within your home, workshops and garages are common places for clutter to build up and are one of the most popular storage spaces for miscellaneous items that only come out at certain points in the year. 

Inefficiently storing your items not only poses a health and safety risk, it can hinder productivity when it comes to working or even trying to find particular bits and bobs. Here at Filstorage, we have a range of workshop and garage storage solutions. With everything from general home storage containers to garage & workshop storage solutions.

Our home, garage and workshop storage range includes: 

  • Wall & ceiling hooks 
  • Panel storage kits & part bins
  • Workshop & garage shelving
  • Tool storage 
  • Compartment organisers
  • Heavy-duty storage boxes 
  • Garden storage


Warehouse Storage Solutions

For your warehouse operations to move smoothly, you need to maximise your storage and floor space. Here at Filstorage, we have a team of experts who can help you maximise your space to ensure the enhanced efficiency of your team. As a leading supplier of warehouse storage, we have a range of potential solutions for your business.

With everything from picking walls, wire storage baskets, stacked storage and even access & handling equipment, Filstorage has been one of the UK's leading warehouse storage suppliers for years. Alongside our vast range of products, we have a team of experts who’re able to provide you with a free design & layout plan to ensure you get the absolute most from your warehouse space. 


Business Storage 

Business storage can come in all sorts of forms and vary from business to business. The team here at Filstorage are firm believers that requirements for each business will always be changing and evolving. As well as providing our customers with general storage solutions, we strive to offer a bespoke service to ensure your storage requirements are sorted. 

Van Storage

If your business operates from a van and the majority of your tools and equipment are stored in your van, it’s essential to ensure everything is arranged in a secure, efficient and effective way. We have a range of van storage solutions from travel storage you can carry, van racking and shelving systems, van drawer storage and van tooling storage - plus a large range of other products. 

Store & Retail

Storage and floor space are typically very important if your business operates from a physical brick-and-mortar store. You want enough space for customers to move around but you also want enough storage and display opportunities in optimal places. Our retail and shop storage range features everything from shopping trolleys and baskets to shelving, wire displays and dump baskets. When designing your storage solutions, our team are experts in optimising your space to maximise sales and customer touchpoints. 


Sorting Your Storage Solutions with Filstorage 

No matter your requirements, if you’re looking to upgrade your storage solutions to increase efficiency, improve safety and maximise sales & performance then Filstorage are your experts. We work incredibly closely with the customer and even offer a free design and layout service led by expert designers to ensure you’re happy with our ideas.

If you’re looking for a storage solution partner within the UK, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to begin your project.