Filstorage help Fielden Factors maximise their space

Filstorage help Fielden Factors maximise their space

Fielden Factors in Hindley have invested in improving their facility with the help of racking specialists Filstorage.

As Fielden Factors have developed over the years, the company found themselves utilising a large shed at the top of the yard for storing worktops, bagged plaster, bulk timber sheets and plasterboard. With only four bays of pallet racking in place, and most of the items being floor stocked, the team at Fielden Factors wanted to address the issues this was causing.

The pallet racking in place was in poor condition and not fully utilised within the space. Other issues included poor access due to floor stacking and lots of double handling to access the required products resulting in poor efficiency and time wasted on order picking. As a result, Fielden Factors wanted to find a solution that would support bulk products and palleted stock options which would enable not only a more efficient storage solution but also enhance stock control whilst keeping floor space clear for delivery vehicles.

After visiting site, Kevin Shindler (Regional Account Manager) assessed the requirements and worked with the client to determine the best possible and most appropriate solution. Despite the limited space available which presented a challenge, the end solution was:

  • 4 bays of 5m high pallet racking
  • 9 columns of 5m high cantilever racking

cantilever racking    galvanised pallet racking

The installation took 2 days to complete and the customer now have a much more practical warehouse with safe racking solutions. The Pallet Racking will support the majority of the palleted stock whilst the cantilever racking will provide storage for the bulk products such as worktops, timber sheets and plasterboard, whilst preventing sagging. Rails were also installed onto the top 2 levels of the cantilever racking to support additional palleted stock.

The 5m height of both the pallet and cantilever racking also exploits the height of the unit providing the customer with an effective solution whilst minimising the overall footprint. It’s cheaper and more effective to store upwards rather than outwards, but considerations must be made such as the maximum height the forklift trucks can operate at as well as the weight and items being stored on the racking.

Sometimes maximising your space only requires some small adjustments or a few bays of racking. We can help transform your showroom, yard or warehouse with our free design service. This allows us to work out the best possible solutions for your requirements, before providing a no-obligation quotation.

We have a team of Regional Account Managers who can visit your site. Get in touch today here:

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