Filstorage revitalise Fairfield Builders Supplies Showroom

Filstorage revitalise Fairfield Builders Supplies Showroom

Filstorage have helped revitalise Fairfield Builders Supplies showroom at their branch in Buxton, Derbyshire. Fairfield Builders Supplies is a family-owned Builders, Plumbing and Bathroom Supply and Showroom specialist.

The original layout of their showroom had become very busy as the company had continuously increased their offerings over the years and had become a mismatch combination consisting of pallet racking, shop shelving, supplier stands and baskets.

Old showroom

Fairfield Builders Supplies got in touch with Filstorage as they wanted to simplify their store layout whilst also improving customer flow and shopping experience. This included re-organising the shop to improve both merchandising and point of sale opportunities.

The Initial site visit conducted by Kevin Shindler (Filstorage Regional Account Manager) consisted of scoping out the existing layout to understand the customer requirements and the outcomes of the project. This then allowed us to put together a new showroom design utilising our CAD experts to ensure the focus of the store is enhancing customer accessibility so that they can easily navigate and locate items. Our team have decades of experience of working with clients to maximise opportunities and helping increase sales by focusing on branch and showroom design.

Good showroom design allows you to help influence customer decision making and help then save time by being able to find stock easily. Other factors that are taken into consideration are deliveries and stock replenishment – this needs to be a smooth process that provides as little disruption as possible.

Showroom and retail display

The main challenge of this project was the size of the showroom which was only 25 square metres. With this in mind, we had to ensure that we made every centimetre count when planning the layout to maximise the volume of products that could be displayed.

Shop Fitting

The outcome of the shop redesign was to remove the pallet racking which was not best utilised and taking up valuable space within the store. This was replaced with shop shelving along with additional shelving being replaced and added within the store. We also replenished the store with our Filplastic Wire Storage Baskets to help store and display awkward items such as plumbing fittings. The end result has left the Fairfield Builders Supplies with a showroom that will provide both staff and customers with a more efficient and opportunistic experience.

Old Shop Trade Counter New Trade Counter and Shop Layout

(transition of the old trade counter to the new one with enhanced shop layout)