How Filstorage’s Warehouse Storage Can Improve Safety, Warehouse Storage Solutions

How Filstorage’s Warehouse Storage Can Improve Safety

Ensuring your workplace is safe for employees is essential in all industries, especially warehouses. Accidents in warehouses can be incredibly serious, causing equipment damage, injuries and in the worst case, warehouse accidents can lead to fatalities. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to prevent warehouse and workplace accidents, starting with your storage efficiency. As experts in warehouse storage, here’s how the correct warehouse storage can significantly improve safety.

Organised Storage Prevents Trips & Hazards

One of the biggest ways storage can improve your warehouse safety is organisation. Keeping floor and storage areas clean and organised is paramount for employees. Disorganised storage and misplaced materials can create trip hazards, fallen items and cluttered walkways, significantly increasing the risk of accidents. 

Some of the easiest ways to ensure your storage and warehouse are organised are to: 

  • Implement clear and consistent labelling for all items
  • Designate specific storage locations for types of products/items 
  • Regularly clean up and remove debris to make sure walkways are clear
  • Enforcing a no-clutter policy throughout the premises. 


Safe Stacking Prevents Falling Objects

One of the biggest risks associated with warehouses is items falling from overhead. If your employees are stacking items, it's incredibly important that they’re stacking them correctly and securely. If stacks are unstable or too high, they can easily topple over and cause serious injury. Here are some ways to ensure safe stacking:

  • Training employees on correct stacking techniques including using appropriate tools & machinery and weight distribution
  • Never exceeding weight limits on shelving units
  • Using appropriate straps and restraints for unstable loads 


Designated Areas for Hazardous Materials 

If your warehouse handles hazardous materials, it’s important that the correct handling and storage are carried out. Hazardous materials can range from flammable liquids and materials and acids to aerosols and pesticides and can be found all around us. By storing hazardous materials alongside regular inventory, you increase the risk of accidents significantly, they should be storage correctly and appropriately, here’s how to do that:  

  • Identify if the materials you’re storing are hazardous and research the specific storage requirements
  • Storage hazardous materials in a well-ventilated, cool and dry place
  • Label hazardous materials with warnings and instructions
  • Invest in the correct equipment to store, handle and contain hazardous materials. 


How Filstorage Can Help With Your Warehouse Safety 

Here at Filstorage, we are a leading provider of storage solutions with over 3 decades of experience helping businesses and individuals optimise their space and improve their safety. Whether you have a small independent warehouse or run large-scale operations, safety should always be a priority. 

We are a trusted supplier and installer of racking and shelving systems across the UK, offering bespoke solutions to suit individual requirements. Offering a wide range of products for varying uses alongside our free design and layout service, we’re confident that we have a solution for you. Take a look at our Pallet and Racking Solutions on our website or contact your area manager to improve your warehouse safety.