How Shopping Baskets Can Encourage Sales, Filstorage

How Utilising the Right Shopping Basket Can Encourage Sales

It’s no surprise that as a shop owner, you want to increase profits as much as possible, even more so in today’s climate when costs are constantly rising. There are plenty of ways in which sales and profits can be increased, but have you ever thought about how utilising the right shopping baskets can help encourage sales? Here at Filstorage, we offer a range of shopping baskets coming in a choice of colours and styles. 

Shopping Baskets at Filstorage

At Filstorage, we stock thousands of shopping baskets all at a great price. We have everything from traditional handheld plastic and wire shopping baskets to J-bag shopping baskets. One of our most popular options is the plastic shopping trollies we offer. 

These trollies are one of the most revolutionary shopping baskets in terms of value and capacity, helping to make shopping a much easier and more satisfying experience. These trollies feature an ergonomic design, great mobility, reliable and strong materials, strength and silent wheels making it a perfect choice for both shoppers and shopkeepers. 

Why Invest in Shopping Basket Trollies

You shouldn’t just take our word on how good our shopping basket trollies are, it’s been statistically proven that these shopping baskets can help increase sales. Compared to hand-held shopping baskets, these 34L basket trollies have proved their benefits by:

  • Increasing the number of items purchased by 23%
  • Increasing minutes in the shop by 11%
  • Increasing extra sales by 23%
  • Having a customer satisfaction rating of 9, compared to hand-held baskets 7.5.

As well as proving their benefits statistically, these shopping baskets also help the consumer shopping experience with their improved ergonomics and comfort. Customers no longer have to carry their heavy shopping around and can instead drag it, this is made even easier with the greater height of the extended angle and how well the angle of the basket accompanies the natural movement of the customer. 

The Practicality of Shopping Basket Trollies 

As well as the benefits on your sales and consumer experience, these shopping basket trollies also come with many practical benefits including tidiness and space efficiency, strength and sturdiness and hygiene. 


Our shopping baskets are designed to be as space efficient as possible. The reversible stacking design guarantees tidy storage when not in use and helps you maximise the amount of space in your store. 

The shape of this basket also allows for less room to be taken up when in use, and less aisle space is used compared to other, similar solutions. 


There are many design features of the shopping basket trolley to ensure maximum hygiene. In times like today, hygiene has never been so important. The shopping basket trolley allows you to keep on top of your store hygiene due to the many features that have been incorporated including its:

  • Dirt evacuation system 
  • Hygienic stacking 
  • Protected shafts 
  • Antibacterial handle 

Strength & Sturdiness 

Not only is this a large basket, being able to hold up to 34L, but it is also incredibly strong. The 50mm fixed wheels and the reinforced base mean that this basket can be considered a fairly heavy-duty shopping basket, making it the perfect choice for all shopping environments.

You are able to buy our shopping basket trollies separately or in a bundle of 5. Larger orders can be customised to suit you, don’t hesitate to get in touch and order yours!