Mezzanine floors; taking storage to the next level

Mezzanine floors; taking storage to the next level

Demand for mezzanine floors has seen a significant increase in recent years, offering a cost-effective, long-term solution to businesses who are looking to maximise their storage space in a smart, multi-faceted way.

The word mezzanine is actually derived from the Italian word ‘mezza’, which means middle or half. A mezzanine refers to a floor built in the middle of two floors, creating a separate section, which is then used for various purposes. It is often accessible by using a staircase and is never an entire floor; in fact, it often only covers around 25% of a regular-sized floor, upwards.

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If your building has a ceiling height of 14ft (4.2m) or more then the installation of mezzanine floors can provide you with a great way in which to utilise your overhead space, without limiting the ground floor areas. In the past they have been associated perhaps more so with their use in contemporary homes, as stylish architectural features, but they are now widely considered extremely valuable in commercial settings for their functionality. They are also still pretty stylish… (we’re very proud of ours).

Gone are the days of having to purchase additional lots or units to store excess stock, with these safe and secure platforms opening up possibilities for storage in easily accessible format. This new functional space fits ideally into both commercial and industrial work areas, making it easier for staff to access inventory, equipment or tools. As a result, businesses are seeing improved efficiency and convenience that contribute significantly towards boosting productivity. It’s a purposefulness that has taken storage solutions to a new height, earning a notable endorsement as a worthy investment when looking to add value to property and business.

So, whether you interested in space-efficient storage, a creative way to exhibit products, or just enhancing your floor space, chances are that a mezzanine system is the ideal solution.

In which case, read on…

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We spoke about multiple benefits and can testify (as can our clients) that this is a highly versatile product. You’ll find it equally at home in a large warehouse (neatly storing stock or equipment) or as a showcase feature in a lobby for a multinational corporation, or for adding work space in a small office.  Retail mezzanines are also really coming into their own, adding a pleasing aesthetic whilst providing a platform for product display.

Cost understandably crops up, time and again. Consider this, you are looking to increase your working space, so immediate thoughts are likely to spring to moving premises to somewhere with increase square footage. However, this means possible further investment and can be time consuming, even perhaps causing disruption to your operations.  If you could have a mezzanine floor installed instead, you are likely to save money, time and hassle.

And speaking of hassle… this is a storage system that is actually really easy to install. There are not many parts involved in erecting a mezzanine floor, which means it can be put together on-site and in minimal time, reducing… you got it!

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We mentioned space, and no doubt this is the primary reason for businesses who considering this option. The multi-tiered units offer the chance to take advantage of what was previously wasted space. There’s no doubt that quality mezzanines are remarkable feats of engineering as they do not infringe on floor space, whilst simultaneously creating a new level and providing excellent shelving systems.

Whether you are interested in retail mezzanine or warehouse mezzanine, or for any other type of premises, you can read more about the diverse types available, and which is most likely to suit your premises here:

Filstorage has been successfully offering diverse storage solutions and shelving systems to businesses across the UK for 30 years. As one of the UK’s leading storage suppliers, we have racked up (sorry!) plenty of experience, in particular in bespoke mezzanine floor design, and we can provide an all-encompassing project management service from survey and conceptual through to installation.

Of course, there are also planning, building regulations and standards, and health and safety factors to take into consideration.

Mezzanine below 200m2 do not require planning permission, anything above does. This aside, all flooring must still meet certain statutory requirements, in adherence with the Building Regulations 2010 and in compliance with broader safety and accessibility laws.  The structural integrity of the mezzanine is key, and this is something that is calculated by our Filstorage engineers in accordance with British Standards. Fire safety is another critical element in floor design. We ensure that any mezzanine we provide fulfils legal requirements, and we talk you through the entire process.

You can read about standard requirements and regulations in further detail here: 

Mezzanine covered, here’s what you need to know about us…

Over the past 30 years we have built up a loyal customer base, all of whom benefit from quality storage solutions, using a variety of our products to achieve the best possible results for their businesses. We find that many of our new customers don’ t realise just how important effective space management is until they invest in our storage portfolio, after which we are always delighted to hear their positive feedback on increases in proactivity and profit. 

Some of our happy customers include Howden Joinery, MKM, All Saints, Huws Gray, DW Sports Fitness, Bench Clothing, Arnold Laver and many more.

mezzanine floorOur UK-wide accounts team are armed with experience and passion and know a thing or two about storage. In fact, they’ve stored a few ideas ready to chat with you… And they will even provide you with a free site survey and design.

If you’d like further information on how mezzanine floors could transform your premises, then please visit the dedicated Filstorage Project Services web page where you will find an online enquiry form.  A member of our dedicated project team will be in contact with you within 24-48 hours, ready to help you with your storage requirements. Visit:

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