Music in the Park in aid of Parkinson’s Disease

Music in the Park in aid of Parkinson’s Disease

One of Howdenshire’s most prestigious music events is making a spectacular return on August 3rd to raise funds for research into Parkinson’s Disease.

The hugely popular Music in the Park, which was last held more than 10 years ago, is expected to draw hundreds of people from all over the region to the tiny East Yorkshire hamlet of Spaldington for a night of classical music, picnics on the lawn and a grand fireworks finale.

One of the highlights of the evening will be Spaldington-born opera singer Flo Taylor, daughter of Filstorage founder Paul Taylor and his wife Alison, who are also a key sponsor of the event, along with Howdens Joinery, Hull-based Beal Homes, Salko and Thermacoat Powder Coating, promoted by WS2 Coatings Ltd.

Music in the Park was launched in 2003 by Anne Marie and David Jackson of the Old Hall after Anne Marie was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2000

Over seven years they raised around 100k for Parkinson’s UK, which is dedicated to finding ways of treating – and eventually curing – the progressive neurological condition which affects more than 153,000 people in the UK.

Their daughter, Sara Jackson, has now taken up the mantle to organise one last major fund raiser next summer, in the grounds of the Old Hall where the event was originally held.

“Raising money for Parkinsons’ research was so very important to mum and the concerts not only raised much needed funds, they were also hugely successful and great fun,” says Sara. “2024 is quite a poignant year. I will be 53, the age Mum was when she was first diagnosed, so it’s much more comprehensible for me to understand how she must have felt and what impact it would have had on her at what was a relatively young age for a PD diagnosis.”

Anne Marie is no longer the only person within their community with the condition. In the last few years several of their closest friends have also been diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

“I felt now was the time to hold one more concert to raise much needed funds but also for us all to come together and relive what is a magical evening,” says Sara. “Best of all, it’s mums 80th birthday next year and I know Music in the Park is the perfect gift for her.”


About Parkinson’s:


  • Parkinson's is believed to be the fastest growing neurological condition in the world and researchers are working tirelessly to deliver new treatments for the disease which currently has no cure.


  • It is caused by a lack of the chemical dopamine in the brain. This happens when some of the nerve cells that create dopamine stop working.



  • Parkinson’s UK helps to fund research that is involved in working out the chain of events that leads to the damage and loss of brain cells; advancing new treatments and therapies and exploring the repurposing of drugs to help manage some of the more distressing symptoms, like hallucinationsand falls. 


  • Parkinson’s UK has also launched the Parkinson's Virtual Biotech, working with national and international partners to speed up the most promising potential treatments.


Thanks to the progress already made, there are now many different treatments available for Parkinson's and new treatments are currently being tested in clinical trials that have the potential to slow, stop or even reverse the condition.


These include:

  • Stem cell therapies. These aim to use healthy, living cells to replace or repair the damage in the brains of people with Parkinson's.
  • Gene therapies. These use the power of genetics to reprogramme cells and change their behaviour to help them stay healthy and work better for longer.
  • Growth factors (like GDNF). These are naturally occurring molecules that support the growth, development and survival of brain cells.


The organisation is also developing treatments that aim to improve life with the condition, including new drugs that can reduce dyskinesia – involuntary movements of the body - and a therapy to tackle Parkinson's hallucinations

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