Choosing the right Storage Bins for you

Choosing the right Storage Bins for you

With such a wide variety of Storage Bins on offer, it can be quite a challenge to pick the best option for your requirements – especially if storage is a vital element of your day-to-day life and work. Once you understand the benefits of what is available to you, your decision on the type, features, and sizing will be far easier to make.

Take a look at some of the key benefits of some of the Storage Bins we offer at Filstorage…

Parts Bins

Widely utilised - Parts Bins are widely utilised in areas such as workshops and garages for general storage both commercially and in the home, as they are perfect for the organisation of small items that need to be accessed with ease.

Improving Organisation – You can take advantage of the different colour options Filstorage offer to further improve your organisation by colour coding your Parts Bins to suit your individual needs.

Versatility - As Parts Bins are so versatile in their uses, they are used across just about every industry, with such a wide range of different styles, sizes, and features. Whether you’re looking for storage for fittings, crafting supplies, tools, equipment, or even clothes, Parts Bins are a key organisational option to consider.

Safety – Not only do Parts Bins help you organise your space, but they can also make it a safer environment too. Items stored away correctly reduces the risk of trip hazards, losing items, items falling, etc.


Multi-functional - Due to the versatility of Home Storage Bins, they are ideal to have around the home in multiple places. Plastic Organisers can be used to store cleaning products under a sink, stationary in a study, clothes in a wardrobe, or even food products in the kitchen.

Low maintenance – Keeping your Home Storage Bins functional and looking like new is made simple with the use of a durable, long-lasting material in the construction, which is also both easy to wipe clean with a cloth and requires no additional maintenance.

Low-cost – Home Storage Bins are a low-cost solution to organise your space and keep your home tidy on a budget, leaving you more to spend on the essential items you wish to store.

Tilt & View Bins

Improving productivity – It is clear that improving organisation can also improve productivity. Tilt and View Bins are great for storing items so they can be easily located and accessed; decreasing the time taken to search for essentials such tools and fixtures, and allowing you to get on with the job at hand.

Stock Management – Stock management can often prove to be a challenge, as it is not always clear when things need topping up. With the use of Tilt and View Bins, you can group materials and items together to easily identify when stocks are low and need replenishing.

Making use of space - Whether you are looking to sort your workshop or van space, you can fully customise the number of bin compartments you need, as well as how the compartments are displayed. If you are organising your workshop space, the Tilt Bin Stand with Base allows you to secure many compartments with minimal effort. Whereas if you want to take your storage on the road, you can opt for one of the Complete Van Storage Tilt Bin Kits. If you require even more portability, the Tilt Bin Carry Case can even transport 6 Tilt Bins 6s, making this perfect solution for not only storing essential items, but transporting them too.

If you would like to take advantage of the benefits of Parts Storage Bins, you can browse the full range here: