Our Top Storage Box Questions — Storage Box FAQs

Our Top Storage Box Questions — Storage Box FAQs

“Which Storage Box is Best?”

This really depends on the use for the storage box - we have a wide range of boxes to suit every need.

Heavy Duty Storage: If you’re looking for a heavy duty storage box, we’d recommend the Loadhog Heavy Duty range as they are temperature resistant, lockable, stackable and extremely secure. 

Home Storage: If you’re looking to organise your home, you may want something that is a little bit more aesthetically pleasing. We have a range of strong & reliable home storage options at an affordable price, to suit your home decor.

Van Storage: The Armorgard Oxbox options that we have available come highly recommended. Manufactured from 1.5mm and 2.0mm steel, the Oxbox offers a dependable, cost effective security solution for your tools and equipment.

Warehouse Storage: Storage is an integral part to any business stocking various supplies and stock, and finding warehouse storage solutions that are affordable as well as durable can be a struggle. At Filstorage, we have both shelving and storage options available for you. 

As you can see, there are a range of different storage boxes all used for a variety of different situations. Rest assured, if you’re still looking for a storage box, we have one perfect for your storage problems. 

Loadhog Heavy Duty Storage Box | Filstorage

“How Should I Organise My Plastic Storage Boxes?” 

The whole point of storage boxes is to keep an area or workplace organised and tidy, making everything easily accessible and easy to find. That being said, if your storage boxes are not organised then clutter can start to build up fairly quickly, resulting in items getting lost or misplaced.

When organising your storage boxes, we have a number of tips and tricks. Firstly, separating items into specific categories is a big part of keeping organised and staying on top of things. This is especially true for workshops and warehouses, where things are easily lost. 

The next thing to consider is labelling your boxes so you know exactly where everything is when you need it. In workshops and warehouses, small parts can easily get left lying about, not only causing a mess but also causing a safety hazard. By keeping items in dedicated, labelled storage boxes, you’re able to keep your workshops and warehouses tidy, clean and safe. Our parts bins, view bins, shelf bins and vision blocks can all easily be labelled to keep workshops tidy, as well as our home storage options.
Finally, we recommend keeping storage boxes out of the way whilst still being easily accessible. For example, keeping boxes underneath desks and work benches and keeping part bins and view bins attached/against the wall is a perfect way to keep your storage boxes out of the way. Keeping your workspace clean is a great way to ensure maximum safety in storage environments.

“Where Can I Buy Storage Boxes?”

Rated ‘Excellent’ on TrustPilot, we are the best place to buy your plastic storage boxes. When ordering with us, you’re receiving high quality storage products that will be received in good time. 

We are able to ship nationwide and in some cases, internationally. When international shipping isn’t available, in some cases, we can arrange and allow for your carriers/shipping company to arrange a collection from our National Distribution Centre, but make sure to contact us before placing your order. For all of our delivery information, visit our website.

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To see the full range of storage boxes we have available, take a look online. Alternatively, if you have any more questions, feel free to contact our friendly team who will be happy to help!