Which Plastic Storage Boxes are the Best?

Which Plastic Storage Boxes are the Best?

With so many varieties of plastic storage boxes and bins available, it can be tough to know which will perform the best to your requirements — particularly in a workshop setting where your equipment needs to be easily accessible at all times. 

Plastic Storage Container with Lid

For heavy-duty and medium-duty needs, plastic storage containers with lids are a popular choice. Loadhog is a popular manufacturer for transit packaging and provide plastic storage boxes with lids in a range of capacities from 25 litres to 65 litres.

Plastic Storage Box Organisers

For smaller items that are frequently used, plastic storage box organisers are a great choice. Made from highly-durbale polypropylene, these plastic storage bins are available in a small, medium or large and are complete with side handles for easy transportation. 

Euro Containers

Well-known in the industry for their reusability and durability, Euro Containers are a heavy-duty container that come in a wide variety of colour and shapes, from deep cubes to shallow rectangles. Some of their most popular sizes are:

  • 600 x 400 x 325mm
  • 600 x 400 x 120mm
  • 400 x 300 x 220mm
  • 400 x 300 x 170mm.

  • Open Front Stacking Storage Bin

    Ideal for holding a large quantity of small items such as nuts, bolts, and screws, open front plastic stacking storage bins are excellent for keeping similar items in close proximity with easy access and organisation. With different sizes and opening shapes available, the interlocking, stacking, and wall-mounting capabilities make these a workshop must-have.

    Plastic Storage Cabinet Unit

    Wheels or no wheels, plastic storage cabinet units are ideal for storing many items, safely away in draws. The size of the plastic storage cabinet depends on its weight capacity, but cabinets range from small, top-of-the-worksurface size to free-standing units. 

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