10 x Euro Stacking Containers (400x300x170mm) M207A

£140.92 ex vat
(£169.10 inc vat)

Product Description

Set of 10 x Euro stacking containers for industrial and commercial use.

The Euro stacking container is a UK made industrial strength unit designed for commercial use. This is not your average flimsy plastic container and comes with a solid sides and a solid base to create an all-round robust unit. There are hand grips on either side which allow for easier handling.

This container provides a materials handling and storage solution suitable for all environments and are an ideal alternative to corrugated packaging for moving and storing goods. Stacking containers are specifically designed to stack on top of each other positively with or without lids. They are generally more straight sided than the stack/nest containers equivalent which may suit the items that are inserted into them. Many are manufactured from virgin material so a suitable for food contact.


Product Specification

External Dimensions: 400x300x170mm high
Internal Dimensions: 350x250x155mm high
Capacity: 15.5L

Colours:  Available in 5 colours

Quantity:  10 containers supplied