Telescopic Folding Sack Truck Trolley (4 Options)

£61.00 ex vat
(£73.20 inc vat)

Our telescopic folding sack truck is designed to help you transport goods and items in almost any environment, 

Constructed from lightweight aluminum which allows for easy manoeuvrability,  this sack truck range has a variety of load capacities from 60kg to 200kg making this suitable for handling larger items.

  • 60kg Sack Truck: Ideal for travel, office, and shop use.
  • 100kg Sack Truck: Ideal for travel, office, and shop use.
  • 125kg Sack Truck: Ideal for travel, office, and shop use, and smaller delivery vehicles.
  • 200kg Sack Truck: Ideal for heavier applications such as shops, stores, smaller warehouses, and delivery vehicles. 

The truck comes complete with a telescopic handle and rubber cushion wheels which create a more robust truck that can withstand uneven and damaged floors. 

The unit can be collapsed from its overall size to allow for easier and compact storage, with the footplate also being foldable. The process of folding down and fully extending can be done in seconds!

Each sack truck also comes with an elasticated retaining strap. 

Lead time is 5-7 working days.

Product Specification

60kg capacity

Size (Extended): H1010 x W400 x D390mm

Size (Folded): H645 x W385 x D65mm

Wheels: 125mm

Toeplate: W387 x D279mm

Capacity: 60kg 


100kg capacity

Size (Extended): H1080 x W500 x D520mm

Size (Folded): H800 x W500 x D60mm

Wheels: 175mm

Toeplate: W485 x D385mm

Capacity: 100kg 


125kg capacity

Size (Extended): H1110 x W520 x D510mm

Size (Folded): H770 x W500 x D65mm

Wheels: 175mm

Toeplate: W485 x D350mm

Capacity: 125kg 


200kg capacity

Size (Extended): H1125 x W600 x D610mm

Size (Folded): H900 x W595 x D97mm

Wheels: 200mm

Toeplate: W590 x D390mm

Capacity: 200kg 

Lead time is 5-7 working days.