Yellow Stackable Plastic Storage Parts Bins (5 sizes)

louvre panel friendly stackable
£0.83 ex vat
(£1.00 inc vat)

We stock high-quality and durable plastic parts bins that are designed to withstand commercial and industrial environments.  Our Parts Bins range come with an open front design and is great for storing small parts such as nuts & bolts, screws, buttons & craft materials as well as other bits and bobs! Our Parts Bins can be used in any setting and are widely used in factory & workshop environments, offices, garages/sheds etc.

Filbin Range

The Filbin range can be used with our louvre panels, a shelving system or stacked on top of each other if preferred. However, we would not recommend using the FB5 to be used on a panel due to the size of the bin (unless storing lighter items) 

The Filbin range covers all sizes from extra small to extra large bins giving you the freedom to choose the bin size that suits you. Choose from 5 options with the smallest being the FB0 and the largest being the FB5 (sizes are in the product specification).

The design of this bin also allows for labels to be placed on the front (labels not provided) and the ‘feet’ on the bottom of the bin help prevent slipping on smooth surfaces.

Benefits include:

  • Easy to clean, great for hospitals and dust-free environments
  • Parts Bins can be stacked on top of each other or used on a louvre panel
  • Anti-skid strips provided on the base
  • Choice of size

If the bins are to be used on the louvred panels, please refer to our guide which shows how many bins will go onto each panel: View here

 We can provide pack quantities of labels for all sizes and pack quantities of dividers for the FB2 and FB4 bins. Please contact us for more information 01430 410 450 or

Product Specification

Brand: Filbin

Colour: Yellow


  • FB0: W109mm x D100mm x H53mm
  • FB1: W111mm x D168mm x H76mm
  • FB2: W160mm x D250mm x H129mm
  • FB4: W220mm x D355mm x H167mm
  • FB5: W333m x D505mm x H187mm

Price is per individual bin

Can be stacked on top of each other or used on a louvre panel.