15 year old Wire Storage Baskets still going strong!

15 year old Wire Storage Baskets still going strong!

Filplastic has received images of our wire storage basket range ‘Filplastic Baskets’ still in use by one of our customers.  From a distance, you may be mistaken that these are brand new but the baskets were sold in June 2003, making them 15 years’ old! Whilst there’s obvious wear and tear to the baskets after 15 years of use, the vast majority of the baskets are still in excellent condition and fit for purpose. The images below are of the C2DS range.

In this instance, the baskets have been used for storing building plastics in a warehouse. Whilst some might say that we’re a victim of our own success, we are proud to be providing top quality products that reflect our ethos of high quality at affordable prices.

We offer a range of wire storage baskets to satisfy different requirements. The alternative variations offer different weight capacities and sizes with accessories to suit including dividers, lids and wheel sets.

A top selling range, the baskets are used as a cheaper alternative to shelving and racking as well as a different range of purposes and industries including; warehouse picking, builders merchants, clothing companies, parts storage amongst many other uses.

To see our range of wire storage baskets click here

15 year old c2dsclose up 15 year old c2dsc2ds 15 years old

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