HPS, Tunbridge Wells (New Branch)

HPS Heating & Heating Supplies Ltd, have 31 branches across London and the South-East of England.

Filplastic has had the pleasure of working with HPS on many of their branches, and the new branch at Tunbridge Wells was no exception. As it was a new branch, a mezzanine floor was the initial requirement, in order to create first floor storage space. 

Graham Matthews of Filplastic worked closely with Peter Wilson (Sales Director at HPS) and a plan and profiles for the storage on the shop floor and mezz floor level.  As there were a lot small parts the Uni-Racking shelving system was used, as it has the strength of longspan racking, but has metal binning compartments instead of shelves.

The installation took place in Aug/Sept 2014.  Visit HPS

Goods supplied; Warehouse Baskets, Pallet Racking, Longspan Racking, Vertical Racking, Counter, Shop Shelving, Mezzanine Floor, Parts Bins

HPS Images: