Pennyhill Timber (Cantilever Racking)

Pennyhill Timber Ltd, is a timber importer and merchant based in Woking.

David Adams of Pennhill Timber saw a Filplastic advert which featured a cantilever rack storing the exact same timber packs as were stocked at their branch.  He contacted Graham Matthews who deals with the South East region for Filplastic, and Graham arranged to visit site.

The timber packs were being stored on the ground in the yard, and were taking up much needed floor space. A drawing, plans and quotation were approved for a cantilever rack with canopy.  As the yard was tarmac, a concrete base had to be laid prior to installation taking place. 

The installation took place in Aug/Sept 2014.  Visit Pennyhill Timber

Goods supplied; Cantilever Racking

Pennyhill Timber Images: