Recycled Ocean Plastic Shopping Baskets

Recycled Ocean Plastic Shopping Baskets

Oceanis Baskets

Filstorage is proud to stock the Oceanis range of Shopping Baskets from Spanish manufacturer Araven.

The Oceanis recycled shopping basket range is one of the most innovative available on the market, having being manufactured from recycled polypropylene recovered from fishing tackle, one of the main causes of marine pollution. According to the Greenpeace report, “Ghost gear”, fishermen lose or leave 640,000 tonnes of nets and ropes in the oceans every year, accounting for 27% of the waste that damages the seas and is responsible for a significant death toll in wildlife.

Oceanis recycled shopping carts and baskets continue to offer the same technical and mechanical qualities of the standard line and, every Oceanis basket or cart prevents 1.5 metres of rope ending up in the sea, greenhouse gases are reduced by 20% in the manufacturing process and the Spanish company will also donate part of the profits to the international NGO, Plastic Change.

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Oceanis 2 handle recycled plastic shopping basket oceanis recycled plastic trolley basketrecycled ocean plastic large trolley basketoceanis extra large recycled ocean plastic trolley basket

Do you know what ghost fishing is?

Fishing nets and ropes that are discarded float in the ocean, trapping thousands of marine animals. Because of their weight, they fall to the bottom of the sea and, as they decompose, these nets return to the surface, starting the cycle again.

Abandoned fishing nets and polypropylene ropes are recycled and become raw material again for the manufacturing of new baskets and carts with 25% of recycled content. So our Oceanis Shopping and Supermarket baskets are made of recycled polypropylene, and give a second life to these fishing nets, avoiding contamination by the emission of toxic gases in the atmosphere.

This line actively helps reduce marine waste and prevent the intoxication and death of thousands of marine animals in the oceans; in addition, beneficial objectives to the environment are reached. A range designed for those brands that want to act towards promoting the planet's sustainability.